The Best Clean Skincare Products From Beautycounter! (+ 20% Off Code)

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Why I (still) choose Beautycounter

In my search for clean, safe beauty 5 years ago I landed on Beautycounter honestly because I felt overwhelmed. I wanted safer formulation (preferably with some kind of proof it wasn’t greenwashing!), with ethics in sourcing and also care for the environment… in a product that worked. Cos I’d tried beet powder from the grocery store… and, no. it doesn’t work. Everyone is different and some people are good with beet powder and coconut oil, but I actually love high performing skincare and makeup when I’m going to spend on it. After what felt like too much research I found Beautycounter to be the best balance of all those for me. They brought deep transparency, testing of their ingredients, screening for 23 human health endpoints like carcinogenicity and skin sensitivity, and a generous return guarantee. Then additionally the external ongoing vetting of being a B Corp, Leaping Bunny certifications on everything, and EWG certifications on many products as well as numerous industry awards for performance and sustainability.

Wherever I can too, I want to use what we buy to change the game not just for myself but for others. That’s another piece of what Beautycounter do with a large arm of their company being education, advocacy and working to change laws.

Beautycounter are a US based brand shipping to the US and Canada as well as military addresses overseas. If you’re wanting to shop my top picks from other brands in other areas, THIS IS THE POST YOU WANT!

My personal top choices from Beautycounter

1. Overnight Resurfacing Peel

This was the first Beautycounter skincare product I tried and still my ride or die. It changed my dull postpartum skin 4 years ago and I use it once a week. It’s the best value for money they do in terms of the change you get. It’s got botanical AHA/BHAs to exfoliate the skin and resurface it as you sleep. There’s no actually peeling, it’s very clean and simple and gentle for most skin types.

Find my ride or die HERE

2. Refillable Cream Blush

This is a refill product as BC moves to zero to landfill status by 2025. It’s 100% recycled clamshell with a mirror which I love having in my makeup bag, that’s refillable with one of 8 shades. I like Chai for a contour and perfectly natural shade, truffle for a darker summer shade and lychee for a pinker pop, paloma is really popular for more fair skin and truffle and goji are the top picks for darker skin tones.

Cream blush in a sustainable refillable 100% recycled (I love that!) compact

3. NEW EWG Certified Eau de Parfum

This is Beautycounter’s newest launch and a big one! The fragrance industry is one with very little transparency and in that, a lot of health concern over potentially harmful ingredients not needing to be disclosed. Beautycounter wanted to change that and show that fine fragrance CAN be done with safety, sustainability and transparency – and this is their answer. There are 5 scents available in full size bottles (about a year’s worth), $35 travel rollers (a few months’ worth), and as a set of 5 in a $35 set with a few weeks’ worth of all 5 scents. I’ve loved the ones I’ve tried – Miles Away is a woodsy scent and my top choice – and I love the price too.


4. AHA spa style exfoliating facial mask

Another skin changer! This is a new deeply exfoliating mask that is the most pricey product Beautycounter makes. Yet, again I think it’s some of the best value for money. It breaks down to $3 a use, and gives the most immediate, visible results of any of their line up. It’s got the glycolic acid you’d see in a a spa facial, with AHA chemical exfoliation and bamboo for gentle scrubbing exfoliation. You apply the gel, leave it for 10 minutes, then scrub it off. My skin is visibly and tangibly smoother after so it’s a great one for once a week use or before an event.

Find it HERE

5. Dew Skin SPF tinted moisturizer

This is definitely one to add for spring and summer! Skincare meets makeup, meets sun protection. A tinted moisturiser with just enough colour to even skin tone and give some dewy moisturising SPF, with vitamin C to help skin deal with the day. It’s daily go to for light coverage and safer mineral SPF.  I LOVE it and can help with a colour match – just email me a photo!

Choose your shade HERE or email me for a colour match!

6. Think Big Mascara

Clean mascara is so hard! I’ve tried to many and this hands down wins for good bold colour, volume and staying power without smudge. I’ve learned there’s no one size fits all so with anything and especially mascara, a win for me isn’t a win for everyone but this one works so well for most people and again as with everything you can return it for 60 days so it’s safe to try.

Find it HERE

7. Countertime skincare

This is my go to daily skincare. In reality I do 2 steps most days, and the full line up a few times a week. It’s pricey but if you have mature and more dry skin it really does work – otherwise I wouldn’t use it. It has bakuchiol to help with skin cell turnover, peptides, and antioxidants, so if you want skincare that packs a punch for maturing skin it’s a great one. I get the whole line once a year and top up anything that runs out in between as individuals.

Find my go to skincare REGIMEN HERE

8. Countertime Eye Cream

This stuff is worth every cent. It’s a small jar but it last me 9 months and is clinically proven to help with dark circles under the eyes as well as fine lines. I’d choose a cleanser and a moisturiser first, and then I’d add the peel but after that, this is my next pick!

Clinically proven to help under eye circles: eye cream HERE

9. Sunscreen (Jared’s pick!)

This is one Jared asks for! As more and more has come out in the media about the effects of chemical sunscreen – and as it’s been banned in some places for effect on the earth – we’ve opted for only physical sunscreen. But it’s the stuff that can make your skin white and not rub in so we’re very pick to find something that actually practically works for our family. Moving to England, I wanted to find something here that was a good alternative but we keep coming back to buying this in bulk because the experience is just so much better. You can also use HSA money to purchase it which is nice.

The best value BC sunscreen HERE (TIP: HSA credit can be used for this.)

10. Cleansing Balm (Clayton’s pick!)

This is mostly a go to for my kids in winter. Its a godsend for dry chapped skin, extra dry faces, over washed hands rashy skin, or any mild skin complaint they have. It doesn’t sting or hurt so it’s the only thing Clayton will let me reach for. It can also be used as an extra hydrating overnight mask for my face. (I used it travelling in dry desert conditions and it was amazing!) and I use it to remove makeup when I don’t have warm water and want to rub it on and take it off with a cloth. It melts makeup away without running water which I love!

Clayton’s dry skin and rash favourite: Cleansing Balm

11. Charcoal Bar (my summer + men/teen skin pick!)

I change things up in summer (a few tips here) and this is then go to cleanser, or for when I’m double cleansing. I wake up a little oilier in summer and it’s perfect to balance my skin out pre makeup. It lasts me well over a year and is great for cleansing combo or oily skin to balance it but not over dry. Just make sure you keep it dry and it will last a LOT longer.

Summer fave – the charcoal bar HERE

12. Lip sheer

I love lipstick and this is perfect for every day – a chapstick meets lipstick with hydration and forgiving colour that doesn’t have to be applies super carefully. They range in intensity of colour, I love the Rose for a gentle pink and the Orchid for a little more bold colour. But really I love these for the heavy metal testing on every batch, and the much safer than normal formulations.

Lipstick meets chapstick HERE

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I’m here to help too, so use me. With the bigger commission Beautycounter give their affiliates, I really can take more time, learn how to help better, and give back more. That’s something I love getting to do. I can recommend a skincare routine for your skin with 2 steps or 5, or help with makeup colours or any questions. Just email me and I’ll get you what you need! 


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