Better Gift Guides: Sustainable Spring Gift Ideas (UK)

Whether it’s birthdays, mothers day or a teacher gift, it can be a challenge to finding ethical and eco friendly gifts for that are still thoughtful! I love getting to share things we love, to make it easier to think of ways to keep gifting ethical, and with a lighter footprint on the planet. Whether you’re looking for something for Mother’s Day, or you need inspiration for a Spring birthday or anything else. All of these gifts do good and treat more lightly in some way, which is really important to me in life and gifting.

I’ve rounded up some Spring 2024 ideas for you!

Like all my content, this post may contain affiliate links! When we love something, I check to see if they have an affiliate program so the brand can pay me a (small) amount if anyone buys on my recommendation. You pay no more but it gives me a bit for my time!

Evolve Organic Beauty Facial in a Box

I truly LOVE this beautiful female founded B corporation. They’re a female founded brand focused on having a truly low footprint and creating well formulated and effective skincare! I’ve gifted this facial in a box and it’s a fantastic gift. They also have lots more small and brilliant gifts in the “travel sizes” section which are perfect for gifting. I recommend the Miracle Mask and Rosehip Oil for gifting!

Find the beautiful Facial in a box HERE and favourite Glow Booster Set with Vitamin C serum HERE. But you can’t go wrong with anything Evolve.

Sassy Organic Cider, Rose Cider and 0% Cider

We found this cider in Paris on our Flight Free Europe trip last year and we LOVED it. It’s light and fruity (made from organic apples) and a really fun affordable but really celebratory gift. They also have larger champagne sized bottles with a cork which are perfect for gifting, or a hostess gift, or a serving at a celebration. They also have a 0% when you need a non alcholic option – or check out the Holos below for another celebratory no alcohol drink!

Find it HERE, the Rose is our favourite but they’re all fantastic. Highly recommend!

Gorgeous Home Pieces from the Beaumont Organic Home Range

Beaumont Organic is a favourite of mine for ethically made, contemporary classic wardrobe pieces and their home line is gorgeous. They have a range of price points and options and I’ve gifted some beautiful gifts from them in the past. They’re really thoughtful one of a kind feel home items.

Find their whole gentle on the planet collection HERE

Our Favourite “Anti Capitalism” Skylark Coffee

This is the coffee we drink every day. It’s a non profit that exists for social good. They are really careful with the human and environmental impact of sourcing and all elements of what they’re doing. They pay top specialty prices at twice the Fair Trade rate or more, then donate another £1 per kilo to conservation and empowerment efforts at home and in coffee-producing communities. We love their Ethiopian for our daily brew.

Find their shop HERE

Ilia Colour Sticks

There are a few really makeup brands with great ingredient and ethics that don’t sell their full ranges in the UK but put together small occasional gift sets. Ilia is one of them! These colour sticks are really easy to use with a no makeup face, or a more made up look – beautiful, easy and glowy either way.

Find them and lots of other sustainable sef care items (like the perfume below!) HERE

Lawn Magic Surplus Fabric Headband

I’m in LOVE with these headbands by Isabel Manns and Social Supermarket is a great resource for more positive impact shopping. They stock it in multiple colours all made from surplus fabric at an already sustainable brand! And I love that they feel very plant and garden inspired and Springy!

Find the Range HERE on Social Supermarket

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver

An inspiring read I loved last year that would make a great gift. A well loved documentation of a year eating locally, with the challenges and learning that came along with it. Anyone who is thinking about sustainability and food will love this read!

Find it HERE on Amazon and Audible or HERE from World of Books

Consumed: by Aja Barber

A gift for the daily activist. Aja Barber is a challenging but brilliant and educational follow on Instagram looking at consumerism and it’s connections with climate change, the clothing industry, and colonialism… and her book is a continuation of that story.

Find it HERE through Amazon or HERE through World of Books

Nancy Birtwhistle’s Green Living Made Easy

This is a bible of sustainable and budget friendly home living. Nancy is a wealth of knowledge and solutions to real life home needs – and these wide ranging practical solutions save money and impact as well as being healthier. For the right person this will be a perfect gift!

Find Nancy’s Book HERE

Hand Wash + Lotion Set from Evolve

I think beautiful hand wash and lotion sets are a great gift for people who you know a little less – everyone needs them (so they won’t go to waste) and they’re not too personal like a face product or clothing item! But these ones are also from a female founded brand and formulated to have the most positive impact possible which is so important.

Find the Duo and the full Evolve B Corp range HERE (on sale £19!)

PHB Ethical Beauty – Lipstick and everything

I have the “Passion” and it’s a perfect terracotta edged red I LOVE. And it’s all the things I want, fair trade and ethical sourcing, thoughtful formulation, no animal testing or synthetics dyes and a lot more. One of these would make a great well priced gift or if you’ve been wanting to switch your makeup – this is a great brand to ask for for a gift!

Find them and the whole range HERE

Seed Kits from Herboo

I think seeds make a beautiful gift and these are perfectly packaged for gifting! They’re a gift that keeps on giving, and had a positive environmental impact too. And I love the themes of the sets for different people (they have more than these ones!)

Find them all here on Ethical Superstore (a fantastic resource if you want to add anything else or stock up on staples too!)

Alter Eco Chocolate, B Corp, Organic + Fairtrade

I think food products make great gifts when they’re general or something you know someone loves because they’re needed, and they save people money. But buying a nicer version or something with values can elevate it to being a celebratory gift. This is one of my favourite chocolate brands – organic and fairtrade and plastic free, you can get it on Ethical Superstore along with lots of others.

Find it HERE with loads of other ethical/organic/fairtrade also on Ethical Superstore

DIY Embroidery Kit

I LOVE this! A gift to slow down and relax a with, and then end up with a fantastic wall hanging! Embroidery can be a great way to switch off or help someone else switch off and I think this would be perfect hung in a little corner or in a gallery wall mix of pieces! 

Find it HERE

Sustainable, Transparently Formulated Perfume

There are very few brand of perfume I’d feel happy wearing in terms of personal health, and so I mostly don’t wear it. But Abel is a great brand that’s carefully formulated for human health, environment, and honest transparency. They list every ingredient of the fragrance which is rarely ever done and means brands can throw things in under the guise of “proprietary ingredients” leading to a confusing lack of transparency. Instead these are honest, carefully formulated and beautiful.

Find their fragrances HERE via Content Beauty with loads of other brilliant gifts

Goldrick Bamboo Laundry Peg Airer

I use this for photos and kids’ art! I have lots of their pieces hanging on this in our living room and I love it. Or use it for laundry, drying herbs, so many used. The whole of the Goldrick shop is giftable and I love it all! 

Find it HERE for £12.50

Lucocoa Woman Created Chocolate Range + Women Farmer Tote

Another fantastic chocolate option: Lucocoa has the most beautiful range of chocolate products and gifts – the £6.50 Haiti Hot Chocolate with this tote would be an incredible gift!. Lucocoa is a small female founded independent chocolate company in London making gorgeous bars of delicious chocolate, hot chocolate and gift bundles.

Small company. Black owned. Fairly traded. Find it all HERE.

Cast Heirloom Necklace

I was sent this last year as a PR gift to test drive and I absolutely love it. I made a print of Jared’s finger print as I never wear my wedding rings, and now it’s round my neck all the time. I added on gold plating for an extra £20 and I want to add the kids finger prints in the future. The whole packhage that arrives is so beautifully put together.

Shop the kit here and get creative!

Happy Houseplants Little (and lower budget!) Monstera

This place is my go to for house plants, with amazing personal customer service. I’ve bought them for us and gifted them and they’re always amazing. They deliver across the UK for really reasonable prices and this one is a little and very affordable gift! The can then be propagated to fill a home with plants for no extra cost! I have 6 in my home and I’ve gifted some all from one plant! The pots are made by artisans using ethically sourced materials.

Little monstera plant HERE and browse the rest of their range!

Holos ‘Sparkling Oolong’ Kombucha (Alcohol Free)

This is made very locally to us and is my go to for a sparkling wine or champagne alternative when I”m pregnant or don’t want alcohol. The cork makes it feel special and celebratory!

Tasting notes: Sweet and floral aromas with notes of elderflower and lychee. Clean acidity, serve chilled in champagne flutes.

Shop it here for a delicious alchohol free celebration! 

Stunning and meaningful Rosanna Morris Prints

A few of these hang in my home and I adore them, as well as everything Rosanna is. Her value for the earth, and people and social justice shine through her prints in the kind of way I want hanging ALL over my walls!

The prints are on handmade Nepalese Lokta paper with non toxic inks they arrive in plastic free packaging and this one is on fabric. Bread and Roses is a suffragette slogan appealing for fair wages, and good working conditions, life’s needs and also life’s roses. 

Shop her whole beautiful line HERE

Fruit Trees + Bushes

You can see us picking up our apple trees and planting them in THIS garden tour and Winter update – and I think these or other trees make a fantastic long lasting gift. Trees don’t have to be giant, or that expensive. You can get fruit trees that live in pots forever – or smaller berry bushes or something little! But a gift with so much goodness that keeps on giving.

Mine are from Blackmoor Nurseries and Roots and Crocus are other great options.

YALA Jewellery 

Yala is a beautiful jewellery company I adore. It was founded to create ethical jewelry made to last with true transparency across the production process. The ensure workers receive fair wages, work in safe and healthy environments, and real recognition for their talent all while using eco-friendly materials. Each collection is exclusively made in small batches to create as little environmental impact as possible.

Find the Yala range HERE – I love the small huggie hoops

Sezane Purse (via Vinted!)

I love using Vinted for second hand clothing and items, and I LOVE Sezane as an ethical French brand. And they last so well, and wind up on Vinted so giftable at really good prices. It’s well worth checking them out. Pair them with a bar of chocolate or a mini skincare item (I love Evolve minis for that!)

Download Vinted HERE – I search “Sezane bag”, “Sezane Makeup Bag”, “Sezane Purse” to find these!

Pukka  Tea + Charity Shop mug

I think this would make a great gift! We choose Pukka for being organic, fairly traded, a B corporation and completely plastic free so we can throw them in the compost and there’s no risk of microplastics in our tea. Pair it with a charity shop mug to make it more personal and keep cost down!

Shop this box on the Pukka gift site £11.69 HERE

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