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I’m Kezia, a 5am coffee drinker, mum of three, wife, author and blogger who doesn’t really love the internet… but I really care about low impact family living, and making it feel possible. I want to make sustainable and ethical choices easier for you and that’s what this space is for! From lowering food waste and budgeting in the kitchen to celebrating second-hand finds, I’m all about embracing a more conscious lifestyle. Join me on this journey of creativity, patience, and small wins. Together, we’ll navigate budget-friendly solutions, ethical clothing, and delicious recipes, and keep it simple. You’re not alone—let’s make low impact living feel fun and achievable!

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Wherever you are on the journey of conscious consumerism, living more sustainably, doing things differently… whatever you call it, I know one thing. It’s easier with friends. So I write a weekly email with inspiration, camaraderie and a roundup from my corner of the internet so you never have to scroll.