Want a better bra? My top Ethical + Sustainable Bra Options

I haven’t bought a “real” bra (2 sports bras excluded) in a decade, since before knew the impact of the clothing industry. An even when I had all the non-ethical companies to choose from I still found it VERY hard to find a well fitting supportive bra for my size. So I knew this was going to be a tough one when I limited my search to transparent, ethical companies.  But it’s a non negotiable and I NEED new bras so I dive in! I know finding a new brand will take time so I set aside time to really look for a good option. 

When I research a brand, I’m looking for many things. In general, I want to know that anything we bring into our home has the most positive impact possible on people, planet, and personal health. You can read more about how I choose a brand HERE. I also look first at companies with free/any return options because that makes it possible. 

For bras, my first thoughts are: ethics in manufacture, the materials in terms of sourcing impact and end of life (where do they go when they break/wear out?) Then health in terms of sitting right against my skin and breast area.

I researched SO many different brands all over the world and there are many great ones. CONCLUSION: If you’re looking for a simple organic cotton triangle bra in a “standard” range size, you can have everything you want very easily.  Regenerative cotton, a swath of styles, a range of prices, the best of ethics and care for people and planet.

However, if you’re looking for an extended size range, support for larger bust size or higher impact, or you want a particular look… it’s a much harder search. That’s often the reality with ethical and low impact shopping. 

Let’s start with brands people suggested that didn’t make the cut:

Third love: They didn’t provide enough information on ethics for me to feel good shopping there.

Lara intimates: Lots of you suggested this but they are no longer in operation

Wacoal: Good for bigger sizes, AA-FF, they didn’t provide enough information on ethics for me to feel good shopping there.

Monki: This is a brand within the H+M group, they’re vegan, many different “fashion” feeling options, lots of lace, triangle, T shirt style, nothing that screams support but a wide range of clothing sizes. I’d want to dive more into ethics. They do have lower prices, but we know that’s not always a good thing unless we know why.

Athleta: This is a B corp which is a great start, they have some eco friendly materials, great water care in production, but not enough on the ethics of production when put up against some much better options. (they’re in John lewis for UK and direct in the US) Sizes A-DD+.

Knix: Great mission focus on giving + donating bras, they are PFAS free OEKO TEX certified which is important but I wouldn’t choose their bras. They also do leakproof underwear but if your’e looking for period undies there are better options with better ethics like Saalt, a B Crop with shipping to US/Canada/UK.

Options I DID like all around:

People Tree

  • One of the original ethical British brands
  • Ethics are spot on and transparent
  • Bras are sized in dress sizes with a small range (8-16)
  • Well priced, ethically made and organic cotton, but not for larger busts.
  • World fair trade association certified.
  • ​​Find them HERE in the UK

Wow Sancho


  • “Built for comfort as your everyday bra that will support you where you need it!”
  • Made from 79% viscose made from organically-grown bamboo, 15% nylon, 6% elastane
  • Their “shaper bra” is supposed to be the one with the greatest support but reviews are it’s still not hugely supportive for a larger bust
  • B Corporation, ethically made and environmentally conscious
  • Find them HERE in the UK, US, Autralia and beyond


  • Ethically made in their own factory, recycled materials, charitable giving, moving forward on the sustainability aspect – not perfect.
  • Wireless in multiple shapes and with special DD+ section but also wire if you want that
  • Like a regular store in terms of styles and higher prices but a better line up, and ethically made. 
  • Sizes 32-38, A-DDD – they do have a helpful page showing different styles on some different sizes within those that they stock.
  • Made of: Rayon, Nylon, Spandex
  • Shaped cups, some design for larger cup sizes
  • Find them HERE with US shipping only

 Armed angels

  • A European brand with good shipping elsewhere
  • Very focused on ethics, and environmental activism and bringing change not just making clothes
  • I loved discovering this new to me brand!
  • Full clothing line as well as underwear “designed for movement”
  • No shaped cups – simple “bralette” styles suitable for light exercise. 
  • Sizing is XS-XL
  • PETA approved vegan
  • Shipping to most of Europe, US + UK for a small fee.
  • Find them HERE

Organic Basics 

  • I think this brand is one of the best in how they’re creating clothing! I love their leggings, T shirts, and socks we’ve had for a long time.
  • If you can handle not the largest amount of support I have friends who love organic basics bras.
  • The Organic Cotton Triangle Bra is the one they describe as having the most support saying “plenty of support” but with no wires.
  • One of the few clothing companies investing in regeneratively grown cotton – their eco credentials are the best of the best.
  • B corporation with a real focus on the environment
  • Find them HERE

Moons and Junes


  • Ethically made
  • organic cotton
  • XS-3XL “fantastic support”
  • simple black and fun bright fabric all in organic cotton
  • worldwide shipping
  • I really liked these – I’d probably get a black simple one but the support looks fantastic.
  • Find them HERE


  • Brand focused on organic fairtrade cotton and basics
  • fairtrade factories
  • US based and worldwide shipping
  • I’ve shopped them and loved their sports bras after Roey, just after 2 years they were too stretched to wear.  I would buy them again for every day, sized down they gave great compression for non running support.
  • Shop HERE for 20% off your first purchase! 

Wilde Mode

  • Made to measure service, I would definitely try these for a supportive wire free option!
  • Great sizing 3XS-10XL
  • Gender neutral underwear 
  • Hand made, ethically produced, vegan
  • Meade to measure service up to J/K 24-52
  • Worldwide shipping  – customs may apply outside UK
  • OEKO TEX fabrics, GOTS organic cotton
  • No wires
  • Bright fabrics and neutrals too
  • Great ethics and fabric, non “traditional” look, but maybe versatile for not showing under clothing if that’s what you want.
  • £5/$£15/£22 shipping for UK/Europe/Rest of the world
  • Find them HERE

Stay Wild Swim


  • Nursing + other bras
  • Small size range
  • GOTS Organic cotton
  • German brand with shipping across Europe
  • I found the website harder to navigate than some
  • Find them HERE for Germany and Europe

She Fit

  • Sports bras only
  • Sizes XS to 6Luxe
  • All packaging is recycled or biodegradable materials 
  • Focused on donations and charitable giving
  • There was nothing on the website on ethics so I asked and they told me their factories are all audited monthly and visited but their CEO and meet high standards. 
  • US shipping only
  • Find them HERE in the US


  • Organic cotton, plastic free
  • Ethically made
  • Transparent impact report
  • All the ethics and impact wins but they only stock “bralettes”
  • Sizes XXS to XXXL
  • You can view bras on multiple bodies – I love that
  • They take old undies for recycling
  • US (plastic free) shipping only
  • I would definitely try these!
  • Climate Neutral
  • Find them HERE in the US

Underprotection (via Womanhood for the UK)

  • Size A-HH cups
  • Elegant designs
  • They use only “classified sustainable and certified materials such as TENCEL™ lyocell, recycled polyester, recycled nylon, recycled wool, banana fibers and organic cotton.”
  • Limited edition runs
  • Sizing is S-XL
  • B corp brand although there wasn’t a ton about ethics on the site
  • Vegan
  • Take back program via main site (For Sweden + Denmark)
  • Reward for fixing yourself 
  • Find them HERE with UK shipping only but shipping direct from the brand for Europe

Nude Label 

Free label

  • They ship worldwide!
  • Sizing is XS-4X or up to a G cup, with lots of models of different body shapes so you can really picture yourself in the different styles.
  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified fabric ensuring no harmful substances
  • Bras are made of bamboo, cotton, linen and lyocell.
  • This is one of my top picks and I’ll for sure be ordering.
  • Look at Becky and Dani bras for larger busts and the Andi style is recommended to DD.
  • Find them HERE with international shipping


  • Sizes up to 44DDD
  • They say they’re committed to ethical + sustainable practises but there’s not much to read on that, and it’s hidden deep in an FAQ so I’d want to email and get a little more information!
  • Their focus is on inclusivity in their product and marketing and charitable donations
  • Amazon global shipping
  • Bras are made mostly of nylon and elastane
  • Find them HERE

Vibrant Body

  • Focus on clean materials to wear next to the body
  • OEO-TEX certified fabrics, “with only the healthiest materials close to the skin”.
  • Sizing is 34-42 and B-D
  • They had no notes on being ethically made so I contacted them, they are “committed to being a sustainable and ethical business with 100% ethical sources materials.” But when a company says nothing about ethics it does make me question their commitment – it doesn’t mean they haven’t got ethics but it makes me dig. BSCI certified (Business Social Compliance Initiative) 
  • Wire free
  • No pesticides, heavy metals, flame retardants and more
  • $89USD for a bra
  • Quiz and expert help with 1 on 1 bra fittings available to find your size
  • Find them HERE with US shipping and $25 international shipping (but I’d pay that cos there isn’t much like that in the UK!)


  • Described as “soft bras” and best for sizes up to a D cup. 
  • Sizes XS-XL with a conversion chart available
  • No toxic dyes or chemicals
  • GOTS cotton + Lenzing modal
  • Transparent ethics in production and factories
  • This is the one they recommend for larger chest sizes
  • I’m impressed by them as a step beyond simple T shirt bras with simple but pretty styles, they could have wider sizing but I would absolutely try these!
  • Find them HERE with low cost shipping to Denmark and Europe and the rest of the world for a fee.


  • US+ Canadian option specifically for small sizes
  • Great traceability and transparency on production
  • They give a discount when you donate old used bras
  • They use non-toxic, OEKOTEX certified fabrics that are tested and free from harmful chemicals so it’s gentle on your body and our oceans.
  • Their eco-conscious, mailer boxes are sustainably made using carbon neutral, Sustainable Forestry Industry (SFI) certified managed forests where more trees are planted each year than harvested.
  • Find them HERE in the US and Canada with 20% off


  • Very focused on their footprint, and ongoingly lowering their impact with traceability, dyes, carbon, and B corp status in the works
  • Lots of recycled elements, fabrics, and hardware is all recycled
  • XS-XL sizing and 32A to 40DD which could be wider
  • These are the best I found for for beautiful sensual options
  • They only offer standard shipping because of the impact of fast shipping methods – I love that decision to not even provide the option of the expected convenience.
  • Carbon neutral
  • I would 100% choose for a bridal shower gift! 
  • Find them HERE with UK and European shipping

3rd rock

  • These are just sports bras are there are a lot more brands out there if you’re going down the sports bra route but I was impressed by the eco and social commitments of this brand and the styles.
  • “I started 3RD ROCK because I needed to make clothing that is useful, that is worn to death, and that is respectful to the planet and its inhabitants.” – Jessica Mhari Mor
  • Only ever use organic cotton (I love this)
  • They have fantastic traceability on their supply chain, and joined the #WhoMadeMyClothes campaign.
  • I like their styles but nothing for high impact, they’re great for other impact levels but I’d choose these for every day wear.
  • Find them HERE with wide shipping from the UK to the US and Canada, Australia, Europe and beyond.

Me undies

  • XS to 4XL – which means lots of bra sizes are grouped together in one size, they offer help to individually find your perfect size.
  • Ethical sourcing and manufacture
  • Some recycled materials
  • I like the look of their FeelFree Lace Plunge Bralette for either bed and home wear or under summer shirts where I need a visible bralette option. 
  • Low impact dyes
  • The FeelFree longline bralette is their suggestion for larger sizes.
  • They have a membership and subscription offer which is odd to me for an item you don’t want to buy in repeat. I don’t like that that promotes over purchasing.
  • Overall I feel like there are better options but it’s a good start at a better bra!
  • Find them HERE with worldwide shipping (free within the US)


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