You Won’t Want To Miss These 8 Sustainable Holiday Weekend Sales!

The best Memorial + Bank Holiday Weekend Day Sales: Shop Sustainably with These More Ethical Brands


As we roll into this Memorial Day and Bank Holiday weekend, the buzz of sales and discounts is hard to ignore in our inboxes and everywhere. While the allure of a good deal is tempting (I know!) it’s so important that we find strength to be mindful about what we bring into our homes. Even when it comes to ethical and sustainable brands, purchasing items we don’t need still isn’t the goal! However, for those of us aiming to make more conscious choices, sales are a fantastic and often much needed opportunity to invest in these higher-quality, sustainably or ethically-produced goods without breaking the bank.

In short, if we’re shopping we want to do it mindfully. And sales make that possible!

Is ________ a good brand? How to Identify Sustainable and Ethical Brands Amidst the Sales Frenzy!

In the midst of aggressive and fun sales advertising in our inboxes and everywhere, spotting the truly great brands can be challenging. But we can be better than marketing and see through to what brands really are! Here are a few things to look for in a brand to help you navigate:

  1. Look for Transparency: Ethical brands are transparent and honest about their supply chains, materials, and labor practices. Look for detailed information on their websites about where and how their products are made.
  2. Do you see Certifications? See if a brand shows certifications like Fair Trade, B Corp, Organic, Ecocert, EWG Verified, Leaping Bunny, and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) which indicate adherence to specific environmental, ethical and social standards.
  3. Are they using Sustainable Materials: When brands want to do better, they take care with the materials they bring into circulation. Look for natural materials that can break down more easily like wood, cotton, hemp and look for brands that use organic, recycled, or otherwise sustainable materials. Those are tend to be some kind of more eco-friendly choice.
  4. Social Responsibility: Companies that give back to communities or engage in charitable activities often prioritize ethical considerations.
  5. Customer Reviews: Read reviews and testimonials to gauge the authenticity of a brand’s claims about sustainability and ethics.
  6. Find the “about” page: Look at what a company is saying about itself, and then ask yourself if you can find proof.

Top Ethical and Sustainable Sales This Weekend

If you are looking for more sustainable and ethical options for something, here are some of our family’s favourite mindful brands offering fantastic deals this holiday Day weekend:

1. Credo Beauty: Skincare, Makeup + Wellness Store for the USA. HUGE FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASE

  • Weekend Sale Offer: : Huge free gift with a $125 purchase (worth $200+)
  • About the Brand: Credo Beauty is a leader in clean beauty, offering a wide range of products free from harmful ingredients. They prioritize sustainability and transparency in their ingredient sourcing and packaging.
  • What’s FREE? This is the BEST selection of products with a very reasonable threshold for getting it free – you need to spend $125. I’d look at a few other things you need. Maybe some Evolve Skincare, or Ilia Makeup or Hair Products. The Ilia mascara, Pai glow serum, Abel Perfume, Innmersense hair product, and Osea scrub especially are all fantastic items but this is an amazing selection to get free.

2. Evolve Beauty: Pioneering Organic and sustainable skincare B Corp with worldwide shipping

3. Up to 75% off ABLE – Ethical and transparent clothing and apparel brand focused on empowering women (USA)

  • Weekend Sale Offer: : Up to 75% off.
  • About the Brand: ABLE is a lifestyle brand aimed at ending generational poverty by providing economic opportunities for women. They are committed to transparency, publishing their wages and working conditions to ensure ethical practices.
  • I have a number of ABLE pieces and I love it for apparel, shoes, leather bags and gifts, and jewellery!

4. Ilia Beauty – FREE SPF C Serum with any Complexion Purchase (US, UK and Canada)

  • Weekend Sale Offer: : Free C Beyond SPF serum with any complexion purchase.
  • About the Brand: Ilia Beauty combines skincare and makeup, focusing on natural, organic ingredients. They strive for sustainability with recyclable packaging and cruelty-free practices.

5. Nisolo: Up to 70% off (US, UK, Europe, Australia + New Zealand)

  • Weekend Sale Offer: : Up to 30% off.
  • About the Brand: Nisolo offers beautifully crafted shoes and accessories made by artisans in Peru and Mexico. They are dedicated to providing fair wages and safe working conditions, with a strong commitment to environmental responsibility.

6. Yoto, the Screen Free Audio Player – £10 off (UK)

  • Sustainability isn’t what anyone talks about when it comes to the Yoto player, but they’re actually really thoughtful in their choices and progress. But it’s also a fantastic safe way for our kids to listen to audio (and let us sleep till 7am!) without being online or on a screen.

7. Secret Linen Store: 20% off organic and OEKO TEX curtains and linens (UK + Europe)

  • When we were looking for curtains for our new house this was the only place I could find with organic/OEKO TEX certified and responsibly made fabrics, making simple and more affordable curtains! We have them around our home and I highly recommend them.
  • Secret Linen Store is a female founded B Corp, and they also stock night clothes, bed linens, and gorgeous giftable items.

8. Frownies – 20% OFF (USA and other locations)

  • I need to dig mine out and start using them again but these are a “no botox” favourite for me. You put them on your face at night (or day!) to help retrain your muscles to relax. They work so incredibly well and they’re not an absolute staple for me. And I need to start using them again after being lazy!
  • See my review here and…

I found a few more.. we’re going over 9!

9. Package Free Store: 30% off for the (US + worldwide shipping)

  • When we lived stateside, Package Free was a go to for us for so many low waste essentials. It’s a brilliant female founded business from Lauren Singer, a pioneering activist advocate for low waste living.

10. DIME Beauty (US, UK, Canada)

I’m not 100% what I think of DIME beyond it being an EWG verified, much safer skincare line. They are really doing some things for sustainability and they have a broad “ethics” policy without a ton of specifics. They’re one of the brands I dug into in the wake of Beautycounter closing and while they are far from everything Beautycounter was, I think they’re an easy way to replace the skincare portion while keeping the safety and some of the eco ethical values. They gave me a code to share and while I’m not personally choosing them as a brand to use myself yet, I think they’re a solid option with much safer formulation.


While the sales this Memorial Day and Bank Holiday weekend offer great opportunities to save on sustainable and ethical products, remember to shop mindfully. Evaluate what you truly need and prioritize quality over quantity. By supporting ethical brands, you not only get to enjoy well-made products but also contribute to a more sustainable and fair economy. Happy mindful shopping!

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