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Ok friends and readers, we’re going to cover everything that’s going on with Beautycounter at the moment! The story thus far, what we know, how I feel, and both general and very specific ideas for alternatives so you don’t get overwhelmed if you used Beautycounter products.

This post, like most posts, includes links to help get you what you need, and some of them are “affiliate” links! It means I get a small commission if someone clicks and then buys but you pay no more – sometines less. It doesn’t affect my choices or opinions and I also include non affiliate options too – just whatever’s best is what I post!

What’s going on with Beautycounter?

A 10 minute listenable video on the full story of the brand to this point and the shut down.

In short: Over the last few weeks Beautycounter and it’s founder Gregg Renfrew have made some evolving and significant announcements culminating in an April 6th announcement that the brand is taking 6 months to try and reform and relaunch in late 2024. For the last 11 years the Beautycounter brand has been a part of the clean beauty space in the US and Canada. The California based B Corp sold safely formulated, ethical and sustainable skincare while also having a focus on advocacy and seeing US legislation protecting consumers change.

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If you want precise product for product swaps for everything Beautycounter had, that’s THIS post!

What’s my connection with Beautycounter?

In 2017 when we lived Stateside, their products were what felt like the best choice for my values and I’ve been using them ever since. The unicorn of a brand that formulates for safety, ethics and sustainability appealed to SO many of my readers and it quickly became my biggest affiliate brand with thousands of blog readers and instagram followers wanting that combo of values – and I love that people care about those things!

What led to Beautycounter shutting down?

Technically, the brand hasn’t shut down but for all intents and purposes at this point it doesn’t exist apart from behind the scenes. From 2013 the brand was run by female founder Gregg Renfrew. In 2021 she sold a majority stake to private equity firm Carlisle. For 2 years the brand kept going through multiple CEO changes, essentially firing the founder and then current CEO, and constant tech challenges.

In 2023 Carlisle announced a move away from consumer goods, but shared their commitment to Beautycounter. Then very suddenly on April 17th it was announced that their company behind Beautycounter was closing down. Gregg had bought the brand back, in pieces and most likely at a significant loss to Carlisle in a foreclosure style sale. It came to light over the following few weeks that Beautycounter was not doing well financially under Carlisle and so the sale was a very sudden sale negotiated on a short timeline.

What happens to Beautycounter now?

Gregg and her team have said that the goal is to relaunch a company in “late 2024.” Other than that the mission and values will stay the same, they are giving very few specifics on what the company will look like. They are reevaluating the product line, the company structure, and everything about the brand. Currently the Beautycounter partnership with Ulta is continuing and Beautycounter products will be in Ulta stores and online through July, and then online for an unspecified amount of time. We don’t though currently know anything about restocking ability at Ulta.

I’ve also given you my most favourite similar-but-alternative brands and items at the end of this post to help if it feels overwhelming (which I know it can cos that’ show I landed at Beautycounter!) And I’ll have a more detailed “switch this for this” style post coming soon.

How do I feel about Beautycounter being gone for a while?

When it comes to my own personal feelings this is a mixed bag! When any company is trying to do something good, I want to see the company succeed. My goal on the internet is to help people tread with a lighter food print and brands providing options are a huge part of that. So I’m glad it hasn’t gone completely bust, and that it gets another chance and it’s mission. I do think there was a good amount that needed restructuring within the brand and while I don’t want any B Corp brand to be struggling financially, I do think some time to restructure and reconsider every part of the business is a good and needed idea.

Personally, I knew my time sharing the Beautycounter brand as an affiliate was coming to an end, due to immigration requirements (it’s an American brand and as of this year I’ll no longer be a US resident, a whole other story and set of far bigger emotions!) So it’s a few months earlier than I imagined, and along with every other affiliate/brand advocate instead of just me leaving but it’s not the devastating income, work life and community loss that this is to so many other people.

My thoughts on the direct sales side of Beautycounter

Beautycounter has always sold through stores, through their website, and through a group of “brand advocates”. There is a chance (my opinion is a decent chance) that when it comes back, Beautycounter will not have the direct sales, “consultant”, MLM style business model it had before. They are reevaluating everything and while a lot of people really want it to come back the same, I would be really happy to see it come back without this model and instead have an affiliate commission option like 99% of other companies now have. While I think direct sales can actually be structured well by a brand (and the converse is equally true), and while I think individuals can go in and use those companies with integrity, the overall world of direct sales as a culture I don’t love.

Direct sales is in itself an industry that people work and stay in. People do direct sales as a career, moving from one company to another. I didn’t know this, and it’s been a learning journey to me to see the world of direct sales and how this changes the people in it and how the can come to operate. And sadly, with this latest announcement there has only been a huge rise in the dark underbelly side of how direct sales people can act, in the Beautycounter community. Initially that was my only complaint with the brand, that I wished it didn’t have a direct sales option, and I’m personally hoping it comes back without it.

My advice if you’re watching this happen, is to really dive in to looking at the companies people move to and analyse them well – the way we should any company!

Thankfully the clean beauty market has changed and there are now a lot of brands providing options with various values and plus points. Different people will want to choose different options and that’s ok, there is no one size fits all!

What Beautycounter alternatives would I recommend?

I know a lot of people are now looking for alternatives to Beautycounter! My goal on the internet as I say in every video, is: “to make lower footprint living a little less complicated.” Finding the value driven brands we need can take a lot of work. So I’m here to help how I can! (Honestly while I know brands I love and recommend, I’m still working on a guide for exact switches as I wasn’t expecting this Beautycounter news. Stay tuned for a more precise guide!) And remember, there are many options depending on what you’re looking for, beyond this list. I know people are going to other direct sales companies and I think the skincare at both Crunchi and Arbonne are better options that’s not my choice as a next step. This below is just what MY personal choices are by my values. Cos that’s what I always share! And I also don’t know every brand – I’m happy to look into and give my opinion on any brand – just ask me.

I’m a very stringent and picky consumer! Personally I need to see ethics, sustainability, and consumer safety to shop a brand. So there are very few that fit that set of values. We’re not just looking for “dupes” in how products work here. We’re looking for ones that reflect the same care and concern for people and planet.

My top simple resource for the US: Credo Beauty

One of my top resources for easy skincare and makeup shopping in the US is an online store called Credo. They stock hundreds of better, cleaner, more sustainable brands with stringent criteria on who they will stock. They only stocks brands that hold sustainable and safer values and certifications. I think it takes the hard work out of shopping… which we want.

You can read their parameters for the brands Credo stock HERE but below are the things I choose from there. I’ve also included links for shopping them from other places too including Canada, the UK and Europe.

My top simple resource for the UK: Content Beauty

Content was founded in 2008 and was of the original organic and natural beauty shops in the world. They are UK based and ship to Europe, making it simple to shop a wide range or safer, more sustainable, well formulated beauty and wellness brands in one place. Shop the whole range HERE.

My top picks as Beautycounter Alternatives for Skincare and Makeup (for the US, Canada, UK and Europe.)

For skincare: EVOLVE

A female founded B Corp with all the values Beautycounter has, to the highest degree. I’ve loved them over the last 5 years and I’m happy to provide suggestions. They have free duties paid shipping if your order is large enough. But for easy you can also order some of their best sellers through Credo.

US customers: Shop Evolve HERE from their site with free US shipping over $155 or Shop Evolve HERE through Credo to add multiple brands in one cart.

Worldwide Customers: Shop Evolve HERE from their site with worldwide shipping and free options to most countries at various thresholds.

UK Customers: Shop Evolve HERE

You can also read my favourite products from Evolve HERE and my own routine for my tired mum skin HERE.

For skincare: PAI SKINCARE

Pai is female founded and led B Corp skincare brand with some great options! They’re independently certified by COSMOS (Soil Association), Cruelty Free International, The Vegan Society and B Corp. They are also 3rd party certified to verify the natural and organic status of their formulations. They independently patch test all products to make sure they’re suitable for both sensitive and eczema-prone skin.

US Customers: Find it HERE via Credo.

UK + European Customers: Find it HERE though Content Beauty with a range of other great brands. Or UK customers can get it though their site HERE.

Skincare + Makeup: RMS BEAUTY

RMS is an OG in the clean beauty world and is a fantastic choice for makeup – look at their cream face products, SPF Serum, foundation, and their famous “Uncoverup” concealer.

RMS products are “formulated using a combination of raw, food grade, certified organic, wildcrafted and naturally derived ingredients with a constant pursuit of new technologies that provide even greater efficacy and innovation, while alway meeting the brands rigorous safety standards and testing.” Their packaging is really focusing on sustainability using metal tubes (recyclable), refillable elements, PCR lids and glass.

US Customers: Find it HERE via Credo or through the RMS site HERE.

Canadian Customers: Find it HERE

UK Customers: Find it HERE

Skincare + Makeup: ILIA

Ilia are a beautiful brand really committed to real sustainability and careful formulation. Look at their blue mist spray, eye shadows, mascara, skin tints and serums. Honestly everything is a good choice!

US Customers: Shop them through Credo HERE or through the Ilia site HERE.

UK Canadian Customers: Shop them through the Ilia site HERE

UK Customers: Shop through Content Beauty HERE to mix multiple brands in one order.


US Customers: Shop Henry Rose via Credo HERE or 7 Summers from DIME which is an EWG verified and fully transparent (every ingredient listed) formulation.

UK Customers: Look at ABEL perfumes HERE which are all safely formulated and have ingredient transparency, or 7 Summers from DIME which is an EWG verified formulation.

If there’s any other product you need, please reach out to me and I’ll give you my more specific suggestions. Email me at kezianeusch@gmail.com.


For a more detailed dive into other brands and Beautycounter alternatives, including some of the brands past brand advocates are going to, check out THIS post. If you shopped Beautycounter products you’ll find “if you used this, look at that” style swaps for pretty much the whole Beautycounter range. They’re not “dupes” but products to do the same thing, or with the same key ingredients, but critically trying to find the same eco ethical values. I really hope it helps simplify this journey for you!


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