Have you seen France’s Anti Fast Fashion Bill? Here’s a quick run down!

Let’s unpack this new “Ultra” fast fashion bill in France plus my thoughts on what parts of the French bill are a good idea! Then join the conversation and tell me what you think in the video comments – I want to know what we all think!

In March 2024, France made a groundbreaking move with its unanimous passing of a new bill targeting fast fashion giants like Shein and Temu.

Join me in this video as we delve into the three key aspects of this legislation, exploring its objectives, the rationale behind targeting specific brands, and its potential impact. I’m also sharing my personal perspective on the law and analyzing Shein’s intriguing responses.

Fast fashion is notorious for its detrimental environmental effects, making this bill a significant development in the fashion industry. Discover how this legislation aims to tackle the issue and watch the full video for an in-depth discussion of its implications.

Top spots for avoiding fast fashion and choosing ethical sustainable brands:

Find them all here!

My go to’s for avoiding the fast fashion impact with used clothes:

Oxfam (UK)

Vinted (International)

Postmark (US)

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