So you want to shop more ethically… 40 clothing brands we love for adults, kids + gifting!

Why move from fast fashion to ethical clothing brands at all?

Fast fashion is a problematic industry for so many reasons. From its affect on the environment, creating 10% of global emissions, to the speed of production that requires cheap unfair labour and fills landfill with unworn clothes… we NEED to change the way we shop and invest in shopping more ethical clothing brands. In the words of Maya Angelou: “Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better.” Having the knowledge to do better and shop better is a gift. We get to go on this journey. But it can be hard, so here’s some help!

Finding a “good” clothing brand

There are many aspects of being a “sustainable” and “ethical” clothing brand. Remember too – those terms are not regulated. Some brands might do a little bit on one thing, other brands paying attention in every aspect of their business, and others are leading the change and pioneering things like regenerative cotton, and circular systems. They all have a place.

To dive into a brand I start with their website “about” page. Then I look at everything from impact report, certifications, their themes on social media, number of styles, materials, sourcing, models, sizing, plan for the clothing’s end of life, reviews and personal experience!

For budget and planet: You don’t have to shop new!

There’s no need to replace everything you have with ethical brands. And when you do need new items, they don’t have to be new to be ethical and sustainable – the opposite. I committed to buy nothing new for a year in 2023 which is also a fantastic option for sustainability and ethics – read the full post on that HERE. Use what you have, budget well, and don’t jump straight to the expensive options if you don’t want to. Each time you need a new item first really question if you do need it, and then make the best choice you can with each new purchase.

As the clothing resale market grows I think we also need to choose these slow fashion, ethical brands as we shop used items. The fast resale of fast fashion is part of the problem. People have realised it doesn’t matter if they buy too much, don’t wear things, change styles week by week… cos it can just be sold on. But that mentality is feeding the fast fashion industry. So I make the choice not to feed that machine with second hand fast fashion purchasing. Even when I’m buying used (unless it’s a charity shop) these ethical made to last brands are also the ones I’m choosing.

40 sustainable and ethical clothing brands doing it right:

These brands have a range of different focuses, but they’re all ones that know who is creating their clothes. They’re committed at least to paying fair wages, lowering their environmental impact, and investing in slow fashion in various ways. Many of them have additional third party certifications that help with accountability and transparency too. Well done investing in a journey of shopping more ethical clothing brands!


  • What they sell: Women’s apparel, jewellery, shoes and leather goods
  • Ships to: USA + Canada
  • Focused on: Transparent wages, empowering women, size inclusivity.
  • Shop ABLE HERE!

This is one of the places I love shopping the most for the ethics and heart of a company, and a more timeless, slow approach to style. They go beyond in bringing change in all they do – From empowering women, to publishing wages, and making really well made items. They are also brought down prices thoughtfully in 2021 and pushed for more size inclusivity which I love seeing as it can be a struggle in the “ethical clothing” realm.

Ethical Superstore 

  • What they sell: A British marketplace for ethical and sustainable clothing, jewellery and shoes and everything.
  • Ships to: UK Shipping
  • Focused on: Helping with every day living in an ethical, sustainable way with a marketplace of options for all of life.
  • Shop Ethical Superstore HERE

A curated collection of everything from chocolate to garden tools but this section is all apparel and jewellery from some great well selected brands like People Tree all in one place. Shop Ethical Superstore HERE

Thought Clothing

  • What they sell: Women’s apparel
  • Ships to: Free to the UK, international for a reasonable fee.
  • Focused on: Natural, sustainable, and recycled materials, zero plastic packaging, ethical manufacture.
  • Shop Thought HERE

I found Thought for ethical socks made from recycled materials, they make great gifts! They’re another great player in the UK more ethical and eco conscious clothing scene. Shop them HERE.


  • What they sell: Women’s and men’s machine washable shoes and bags
  • Ships to: US, Canada and newly UK shipping
  • Focused on: Reclaiming ocean plastic to turn into ethically made, washable shoes.

I live in my Rothys. They’re probably the most comfortable shoes I own! I had heard about them for a long time but once I finally looked into them I was even more impressed by what I found. They’re taking plastic bottles out of oceans to make shoes, and they are machine washable. Win win! You can get $20 off HERE (I’m not sure if that link will work with the new UK shipping but try!).

Jojo Maman Bebe

  • What they sell: Bright children’s clothing with a country, traditional feel.
  • Ships to: UK shipping
  • Focused on: B Corp, sustainable and ethically made clothing for kids. Great for maternity, baby and child clothing. They also carry lots of parenting lifestyle items.

We love Jojo mostly for when people want to buy new clothes for our kids and we want to help them shop well. If you’re looking for a wide range of items and want to buy new from a B Corp brand or in some places actually shop on the high street this could be a great option. Read about their mission and shop HERE



  • What they sell: Fun organic children’s clothing, cloth nappies and maternity wear with a fun modern traditional feel.
  • Ships to: UK and International for a fee or free over a certain amount
  • Focused on: Sustainable and organic ethical clothing that’s made to last with a planet first ethos.

Frugi along with Boden below are our first choices if we need new new clothes, or if we want to make a sugestion to someone gifting to our kids. Frugi has the most sustainable approach of the 3 which I love. Also I appreciate their organic cotton for clothes for kids, for everyone and for the sustainability of that. Shop Frugi HERE.

Boden + Mini Boden

  • What they sell: Wide range of adult and child clothing, we love the kids stuff.
  • Ships to: International shipping
  • Focused on: A family brand making clothes to last.

It’s a family run company that’s been around for years caring about employees from the beginning. Traditionally English meets classic stylish, it’s one we love for kids new clothes when we need them. They’re part of the “Who Made My Clothes Campaign.” They’re not deeply focused on being cutting edge but they’re a brand with ethics that really helps people make better choices! Read about sustainability and ethics HERE.

Sancho Shop

  • What they sell: A stylish curated range of eco ethical brands.
  • Ships to: Free UK shipping and international shipping at a cost.
  • Focused on: Focused on ethics and sustainability in clothing brands, showcasing minority owned brands, and providing solutions to consumers.

More than just clothing and a wonderful collection of so much. Sancho’s is a Black owned and beautifully curated shop of thoughtfully sourced, ethically made clothes.

Organic Basics

  • What they sell: Great for basics, undies and leggings.
  • Ships to: US/UK + beyond
  • Focused on: Regenerative farming practices, and recycled materials, size inclusivity, B Corporation and 1% for the Planet.
  • Shop them HERE

Their move towards regenerative agriculture is exactly what I want to see be the impact of the clothes I buy, I’m more and more impressed by them. Organic Basics are the black leggings I’ve worn for years – but they’re honestly of all the more ethical leggings I’ve tried, hands down my favourite.

Shop Organic Basics HERE


  • What they sell: Great for basics, and kids basics, bed linen and towels.
  • Ships to: US and UK
  • Focused on: Simple organic clothing basics with GOTS organic cotton and fairtrade production.
  • Shop them HERE for 20% off

Certified Organic cotton and certified fairtrade made, PACT is great for basics. It’s my favourite underwear for all the family! We LOVE them for basics, and more recently bed linens. I will say I don’t think everything holds up as well as some brands. It used to be a more affordable option but prices have gone up and the quality can be hit and miss.


  • What they sell: Empowering apparel for women and girls
  • Ships to: UK
  • Focused on: a small female founded brand focused on empowerment, and doing things right by people and the planet.
  • Shop them HERE

Muthahood is a mother run apparel line and curated collection of educational and empowering accessories, childrens toys, and other items. It’s one of my go to places for gifting and everything is sourced well and shipped in compostable and paper packaging.


  • What they sell: Bamboo basic for men, women and babies.
  • Ships to: UK, US, Australia and international with some fees (check shipping info)
  • Focused on: Sustainable and ethical basics.
  • Shop them HERE (or switch sites for your country.)

Their bamboo scoop neck and bodysuit are my two favourite pieces along with their underwear. Their scoop neck is a staple in my wardrobe and looks new after 4 years and two pregnancies! (It’s not maternity just well made and resilient!)

Nudies Jeans

  • What they sell: Denim and T shirts
  • Ships to: UK, US, and Europe
  • Focused on: Ethical clothes made to last forever and changing the pace and footprint of clothing with free repairs for life.
  • Shop them HERE

These are to me the gold standard of denim, they come at a high price bvut. forgood reason. That said they last really well and they actually come with free repairs for life which saves a LOT of money in replacing jeans. I also love a company with that philosophy. Jared has a few pairs and some that have been repaired more than once.


  • What they sell: Functional and sustainable, timeless clothes for outdoors and everyday.
  • Ships to: UK and International shipping
  • Focused on: Clothes for the outdoors that care for the outdoors.
  • Shop them HERE


  • What they sell: Apparel and shoes for adults
  • Ships to: US, UK and worldwide (calculate shipping at checkout)
  • Focused on: Transparency and traceability in clothing production
  • Shop them HERE

I stepped back as an affiliate for Everlane in 2020 after some questions not on their sourcing, and ethics but in their approaches to corporate employees. However I’m less of a boycotter and more of someone who always looks for the best option for each person. And I know Everlane has been the route into more thoughtful shopping for hundreds of you and whatever questions I have they are better than the usual highstreet and fast fashion brands in some areas. So for that reason I leave them on the list if they’re the place that helps anyone start or make possible their journey. The link I’ve shared is a not affiliate but a refer a friend link that gets you a discount.

We loved their recycled down and outerwear items from plastic bottles, their moving-to-zero-waste trainers the “Tread” and their denim.

Christy Dawn

  • What they sell: Apparel and dresses
  • Ships to: Worldwide shipping
  • Focused on: Regenerative, ethical apparel that restores the earth.
  • Shop them HERE

The most pricey of the items on this list, but in their own words: “Each dress is created in a way that Honors Mother Earth, and is crafted using either organic cotton or sustainable upcycled fabric. Most of our dresses are sewn by our very own team in Los Angeles, and a small portion are sewn in India as part of our Farm-to-Closet fibershed.” The pieces are stunning and they’re a much more size inclusive option which is very needed. (Use my link for $30 off)

All Birds

  • What they sell: Wool runners and shoes
  • Ships to: Worldwide shipping
  • Focused on: Ethics and sustainability, B corp
  • Shop them HERE

Brilliant gym, walking and everyday shoes made from cruelty free merino wool (have a google if you want to know why that counts!) They can go in the washing machine for ease, I’ve had mine for years and they look new. LOVE. And I always love a B Corp certified company.


  • What they sell: Beautiful, feminine, pieces that last
  • Ships to: Worldwide shipping
  • Focused on: “[We are] guided by a desire to create timeless pieces that respect the planet and its people, ¾ of the materials in our current collections are eco-friendly. Our pieces are certified by 5 of the industry’s most reliable certifications: GOTS, Oeko-Tex, FSC, Ecovero, RWS and RMS. “
  • Shop them HERE

Zkanos Socks

  • What they sell: US made, wool and cotton socks that last!
  • Ships to: Worldwide shipping
  • Focused on: Family production, safe dyes, and sustainable items.
  • Shop them HERE

My top choice of socks in the US. They’re a small family run company that make beautiful socks from U.S.A. grown organic cotton, and they are high quality enough that they can be darned and repaired and have a much longer life. My go to socks for kids as the only ones I’ve found that are made in a way that feels like they’re designed to be mended rather than replaced. They’re made in a small family factory in Alabama from just natural materials and are really well made. The customer service is also personal and amazing!


  • What they sell: Outdoor wear and apparel for everyone
  • Ships to: Worldwide shipping
  • Focused on: The best sustainability, recycled materials, and regenerative practices.

One of the original ethical brands that makes clothes to last, ethically, from great materials and is always pushing forward. We have the kids jackets and they look new after 2 kids each wearing them for years! 


  • What they sell: Apparel, dresses and bridal wear
  • Ships to: Worldwide shipping
  • Focused on: “we make “effortless silhouettes that celebrate the feminine figure and pioneer sustainable practices.”
  • Shop them HERE


  • What they sell: Activewear, backpacks + outdoor wear
  • Ships to: US
  • Focused on: Clothes made to last, repair guarantee, empowering artisans.
  • Shop them HERE

We have a few backpacks, legging, shorts and running shirts from Cotopaxi and we love them. They’re built to last and they’re replace them if they don’t which I love. They have a range of backpacks made from the scraps of other fabrics to reduce waste which is what we have and it’s my go to for travelling with kids.

Beaumont Organics 

  • What they sell: Knitwear and Classic pieces
  • Ships to: worldwide and FREE UK SHIPPING
  • Focused on: Ethically made organic pieces made to last
  • Shop them HERE

A British brand I adore for knitwear and more timeless, very well made pieces. If you can find a sale they’re great! Shop Beaumont Organics HERE


  • What they sell: Great for shoes, Chelsea boots, accessories and gifts
  • Ships to: Worldwide shipping
  • Focused on: Shoes built to last, true sustainability, and transparency.
  • Shop them HERE

One of the best of the best companies for sustainability and ethics. These are shoes built to last, made ethically and classically timeless. They’re pricey, but worth a few pairs of shoes that won’t last as long. We both own the Chelsea boots among other things. This brand gets better and better for me. Shop the Chelsea boots and ethical marketplace HERE.


  • What they sell: Long lasting wax jackets
  • Ships to: Worldwide shipping
  • Shop them HERE

When I called Barbour I discovered there are only 3 styles that are still made in the UK with transparency. Their website talks a lot about what they’re doing and things like being part of the better cotton initiative but when I called they were very unsure aside from those three jackets, you can read more HERE. They’re not through and through an ethical clothing brand, but the three styles still made at their small factory in the UK are Beaufort, Bedale, and Beaumont.

Roma Boots

  • What they sell: Rubber rain boots
  • Ships to: Worldwide shipping
  • Ships to: US
  • Shop them HERE

Classic vegan boots, made from natural rubber with a give-back model. I’m not instantly won over by one for one models but after listening to a podcast by the founder and knowing the giveback model is into a community he is from and understands I loved the company and bought a pair. I love mine!


  • What they sell: Apparel, activewear, loungewear, accessories
  • Ships to: US, Canada, UK, Europe
  • Focused on: Planting trees for every order! “All our products are created with an Earth-First approach, meaning they’re made in fair, safe working conditions, and constructed using only sustainably sourced and recycled materials.”
  • Shop them HERE!

Tentree is an ethical clothing brand really focused on using clothing to protect the planet. Both in the way they source regenerative materials, and in tree planting initiatives with every order. But it’s not just offsetting, for them it’s about doing better from beginning to end – which I love. They have a beautiful earthy, timeless, neutral style love.

Know the Origin

  • What they sell: A marketplace of ethical sustainable apparel, accessories, beauty and household items.
  • Ships to: UK and international shipping
  • Focused on: being a sustainable mini-department store to raise public awareness of the need for change.

Stay Wild Swim

  • What they sell: B Corp Certified Women’s Swimwear
  • Ships to: Free UK and Worldwide shipping with some fees
  • Focused on: Recycled materials, increasing size inclusivity
  • Shop and browse HERE

A B Corp ethical clothing brand I personally love! I adore my one piece from Stay Wild Swim. Finding supportive swimwear with ethics and eco focus is so hard – Stay Wild is a B Corp and well worth the investment.

MATE The Label

  • What they sell: Apparel, underwear, activewear
  • Ships to: Worldwide shipping
  • Focused on: Kind of everything! Safe materials (that’s probably the most unique piece!), made ethically, women centered, and circular business model. a Climate neutral B Corp.
  • Shop them HERE

In their own words they’re made sustainably in Los Angeles with non-toxic, natural, and organic materials. Their Mission is: “To provide people everywhere with essentials that are clean from seed to skin.”


  • What they sell: Beautiful timeless garments
  • Ships to: Worldwide shipping
  • Focused on: Designing a circular model for clothing with no waste, that respects everyone one alone the way.
  • Shop them HERE

Eileen Fisher is a real deal ethical clothing brand going above and beyond. An inspiring pioneer of sustainability in fashion. A female founded brand, using regenerative materials, with extended sizing and changing the norm with truly circular model cos clothing production. The pieces are an investment and one to look for second hand too!

Vibrant Bra company

  • What they sell: Certified “Clean” Bras
  • Ships to: USA only
  • Focused on: Safe materials, ethical manufacture, education.
  • Shop them HERE

They don’t advertise as being an ethical clothing brand as much as being “clean” but I emailed back and forth with them and got great responses about them knowing where their products are made, and the working conditions and fair labour. All bras are certified free from harmful chemicals for garments worn right on the skin in intimate areas. It’s something not many brands are doing!

Girlfriend Collective

  • What they sell: Activewear
  • Ships to: US, Canada, UK, Australia
  • Focused on: Size inclusivity, recycled materials
  • Find them: HERE with 30% off $150

Yes Friends

  • What they sell: T shirts in 3XS to 4XL
  • Ships to: Worldwide shipping with. areason
  • Focused on: Ethical manufacture, the lowest transparent prices possible
  • They say “We exist to make ethical clothing affordable and transform the fashion industry.”
  • Shop Yes Friends HERE.

Passenger Clothing

woman in orange and white sweatshirt holding coffee cup
woman in a wood wearing black joggers and white jumper

  • What they sell: Apparel for outdoor living and everday
  • Ships to: Worldwide shipping
  • Focused on: Sustainability
  • Shop them HERE

An outdoorsy ethical clothes brand focused on protecting and restoring nature. 80% of their range is made with responsible materials like Recycled Cotton, Recycled Polyester, Hemp and Organic Cotton. They’re less forward with their ethics, and really focused on sustainability projects like planting trees with every order.


  • What they sell: Simple printed T shirts and timeless wardrobe basics
  • Ships to: Worldwide shipping
  • Focused on: Using renewable energy to make simple organic T shirts, printed on demand to save waste, designed to be reused at the end of life.
  • Shop them HERE

People Tree

  • What they sell: Apparel and accessories
  • Ships to: UK and EU
  • Focused on: The first international fashion brand certified by the World Fair Trade Association in timeless styles. OEKO TEX, GOTS, Fairtrade, Organic certifications.
  • Shop them HERE


women in pink tracksuit
  • What they sell: Stylish active wear
  • Ships to: Worldwide shipping
  • Focused on: Using science and innovation to create the lowest impact garments. Simple, stylish street/sport wear.
  • Shop them HERE

Ethical clothes shopping is a (worthwhile) journey

There are many other brands doing things right, that aren’t on this list. Dive in, read the about pages, read the sustainability and impact reports, follow their social media and see what they’re about – this reel is a quick snapshot of how I research a brand. Remember it’s a journey!

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