A Fun Twist on Hummus! Try This Sprouted Chocolate Hummus for Healthy Dipping + Spreading!

Some of you will love this not hugely sweet deliciousness… some of you will think it’s really weird and should never happen, we’re all team chocolate hummus over here so here’s what we’re loving if you want in!

Sprouting makes the chickpeas easier to digest for us, and less gas inducing which is great!


1 cup sprouted cooked chickpeas
Heaped quarter cup tahini
3T coconut oil
4T water
2 T cocoa
1.5T (raw) honey
1 tsp vanilla paste or 1/4 extract


To sprout them I soak dry (I go for the cheap plastic free bulk version!) chickpeas overnight then drain them and leave in a bowl. Twice a day when I see them and think about it (or set a reminder) I wash them and drain again, leaving in a covered jar or strainer on the countertop. 2-4 days later they’ll have spouted little white tails! Then I boil them and simmer for about 20 minutes or until they’re soft – You can also throw them on salads raw but I prefer the cooked taste.

Then for hummus, everyone’s going to prefer a different level of salty/sweet/tahini etc so adapt it to you. I used the above amounts!

Put the chickpeas first into the blender and blend until they’re smooth. Then add the tahini and melted coconut oil and blend those to incorporate them. Lastly add the vanilla, salt, honey and cocoa and blend till they’re just combined. Lastly, when it’s all added and blended well, add water as needed to get to the consistency you like.

Then spread on toast, dip fruit into it, eat it on a spoon. Enjoy. Store sealed in the fridge 2-3 days.

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