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  • How To: Eat Good Food for Less!


    We always thought we spent too much money on food, until I looked at the US national averages. The USDA has four brackets adjusted for family size and I discovered we were spending LESS than the national figures for the lowest budget eating across America, despite eating all organic food and pasture raised meats.  I didn’t know how we were doing it because everything I was doing was completely ‘normal’ to me, I didn’t think we were doing anything clever.  I spent the next year working out what the secret was to staying on budget, at a lower budget without sactificing on the quality of our food.   This book is the results of my journey exploring that – with 11 simple steps to keeping your budget as low as possible, and getting the most nutrition for you every buck while you shop!

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  • The Whole Package!



    • The Whole Doughnut Ebook
    • The Whole Scoop Ebook
    • DRINK Ebook
    • Trader Joe’s: A Guide to Shopping Healthily and Affordably
    • Guide How To Reduce Your Grocery Budget in 11 Easy Steps
    • 4 Templates to Help You Meal Plan Successfully