Welcome to my online world, I’m Kezia

I’m Kezia, a 5am coffee drinker, mum of three, wife, author and blogger who doesn’t really love the internet… but I really care about low impact family living, and making it feel possible. I want to make sustainable and ethical choices easier for you and that’s what this space is for! From lowering food waste and budgeting in the kitchen to celebrating second-hand finds, I’m all about embracing a more conscious lifestyle. Join me on this journey of creativity, patience, and small wins. Together, we’ll navigate budget-friendly solutions, ethical clothing, and delicious recipes, and keep it simple. You’re not alone—let’s make low impact living feel fun and achievable!

Where this all began

This Whole Home journey started for me with food. I was 15 and discovered “fair trade” chocolate. That logo on a bar of chocolate made me ask about the other chocolate – what was not fairtrade chocolate and why did it exist? It was my first step in discovering that our food had a story before our plates, and that I cared about it. At 15 I decided I didn’t want my life (and definitely not my luxuries) to cost someone else. And so I’ve been on a learning journey since then.

Though years of learning, wearing vegan shoes, dropping out of veterinary school, eating only raw food, working on dairy farms, marrying a hunting carnivore texan and opening an allergy friendly bakery business to stock our town’s coffee shops… this space emerged.

Then pregnant with my first child in 2015, my perspective shifted even more. I began rethinking the way we brought anything into our home. It became important to me that our choices have a positive impact on people with traceable supply chains and ethics, on the planet, and on our personal health. It’s a step-by-step journey, one that requires peace and personal growth, and my mission is to make it feel a bit easier for you in this space!

Some Facts About Me

random quirk

I can’t sleep without socks – no matter the temperature!

Listening to

always a podcast or audiobook rarely ever music!

pet peeve

seeing people wasting food

Favorite place

home! Also Austin TX and the French alps

my weekends

waffles, family + phones on airplane mode!

currently reading

Consumed – Aja barber