Sustainable Gifting Ideas for Her – Get the perfect gift! (US)

There’s not a season where gifting inspiration isn’t useful! I’m here to make shopping for ethical, sustainable more eco friendly gifts that a bit simpler, and more fun!  I LOVE putting together these lists for significant days or seasons! 

Well sourced and low impact gifts matter so much, but can be a challenge to find! I love getting to share things we love, to make it easier to think of ways to keep gifting ethical, and with a lighter footprint on the planet. Have a browse! 

Let’s find some more ethical, eco friendly gifts for you!

a few of the links in this post are affiliate links so I make a commission if you shop through them! You never pay any more and sometimes it means you pay less. Honestly, there are fewer affiliate links in here than ever before because I want the right gift guide not the one with the most commission.

Parachute Home: Waffle Robe

A little home luxury I love. I was gifted this robe a few years ago and  I didn’t use it for a while and now I use it every single day. Sounds silly, but it changes my mornings and makes me feel a bit more grown up and my mornings more functional. It’s been a beautiful gift to own. It’s a super soft and has some comfy thickness too it, and comes in a wide size range from extra small to 3X.

Find it here from female founded parachute

Raaka Chocolate

Millions of dollars of chocolate are gifted each year, it’s a fantastic gift! One thing I always want to ensure is that people are being cared for as I’m gifting. Chocolate is an industry rife with unfair working conditions, insufficient pay, human trafficking and environmental issues so I’m very careful where I buy it! Raaka is a US brand we love for creative, beautiful bars, with fun allergen friendly options (like oat milk chocolate!)

Find them HERE for $40 and free shipping  (I think THIS link gets you $10 off too)

Alter Eco Chocolate

Another US Fairtrade and brilliant brand I love doing brilliant things, you can probably find them in a local shop too for a quick and easy gift. And for people who don’t want sugar, their “super blackout” 90% dark bar is delicious!

Find it HERE or locally

Thrive Market for for Budget Friendly Clean/Organic Wine

Thrive is a great service we used in the US and (top tip!) even if you’re not a member (which, save 40% here if you are placing a first order!) you can use the free 30 day trial to send a gift and then cancel! Thrive has lots of things like speciality snacks and chocolates that make great gifts so it’s one to go to to send a quick and easy foodie gift! These EthicDrinks wines are a few of the clean and organic wines that they have on offer in the lower price bracket. Their approach is “ethical wines with a sustainable approach” and they’re vegan as well. Wine is an industry with a lot people don’t expect so I’m slow to drink wine unless I know a bit about how it was grown and made.

Do a free trial and shop HERE with 40% off (put it in your calendar to cancel if you don’t want the membership!

Olive Tree from the Sill

I’m always searching for cut flower options that truly feel good but I really just can’t get behind the probable human and it is just not an eco friendly gift option. There are some small farms you may have locally to you that grow seasonally but really, plants are my go to. Plus they bring ongoing benefits too while flowers most likely end up doing more damage in the trash! The Sill is my go to for sending plants and they have a great selection with things like notes on animal friendly options too.

Find it HERE with free shipping (and sign up for emails to get 15% off)

Everlane Recycled Fanny Pack

I was slow to the fanny pack game. I’m slow to grab trends but I use mine aaaaaall the time! It gives two hands for kids while I’m out and about and keeps things close to me during travel. Everlane made this fully recycled one that comes in muted but also bright colours too! They’re a brand committed to transparency in their factories and to reducing their footprint and waste and are a great stepping stone from fast fashion to the world of ethical, lower footprint clothing.  See the fanny pack HERE.

This link gets you 20% off the whole Everlane store!

Apolis Customized Market Totes

This is the PERFECT mothers day gift (and one I’ve given!) Perfect for a grandparent with the places their children live, or places kids were born, names, or a statement about who someone is like “Gigi’s Market Bag.”

It’s also one they can send quickly so a last minute option too if you need one!

Find the whole gorgeous range HERE

Shop Soko

I LOVE these wide cuffs with a sweet meaningful personalisation on the inside. I wear my Soko jewellery every day and love the brand behind it and what I’m supporting when I gift it. Ethically made, modern jewelry from a female founded B corp. You can customize the message on the inside with your order.

Female founded. Black owned. B corp. Find it HERE

ABLE Initial Necklace

I LIVE in my ABLE studs (like these ones) and I love this necklace for kids initials. ABLE is one of the best of the best brands doing everything. They are the only brand I know who publish wages of employees and strive for the deepest transparency, and security for their manufacturers. “Made by women who overcome” is their tagline on jewellery, helping women secure employment in Nashville. It’s a beautiful company.

Find them HERE and shop the whole fantastic site! 

Nisolo Lori Bag

I’ve had the Lori bag for 5 years as my “diaper bag” and it’s perfect and timeless. Nisolo is a beautiful B Corp brand where everything is made ethically and to be long lasting which is another major factor in waste creation. And check out their Ethical Marketplace too! – it will take care of so much of your holiday shopped list!

Ethically made. B corporation. Climate Neutral. Leather Working Group. 1% for the planet.  Shop the whole brand HERE

Yeti Wine Tumblers + Wine: Under $30

PERFECT gift for the mom who likes wine, and you could add in a bottle of wine (see the Thrive optoins above). We got these in the summer and have used them… a lot. They’re perfect. And bonus they have a magnetic close on the top so they can take a little bit of real life!  Another B Corp we love. 

B corp. Find the range HERE

Beautycounter Countertime Collection

This is always a favourite with people for Mothers Day and I’ve seen siblings go in for a mother on this one so it’s here again! My favourite healthy for your body, transparent in production, careful on the planet skincare. This is the perfect line up for more drier maturing skin and it’s all in glass for a more sustainable packaging option. You can buy pieces a la carte or this bundle comes packaged in a box with instructions on how to use.

Find it HERE (and use CLEANFORALL20 for 20% all single items in your first order!)

Dr Bronners Chocolate + Soap

Dr Bronners are a brand we know for soap and they’ve been on a my radar more and more for their investment in regeneratively growing ingredients. The ideas is to go beyond sustainable to bring repair to the planet through growing in a way that regenerates the natural environment. I LOVE brands that are going above and beyond and Dr Bronners is one of them. Soap, hand wash, moisturizer, chocolate (yep!) and a great one for a mom who really cares about their impact on the planet, with a bit of self care too.

Find soap and chocolate HERE

Natural Plant Dye Starter Kit

Last year we dyed 15 t-shirts for kid party favors (Crazy?! Maybe. But fun!) And we did it with black beans. It’s got me really into the world of plant dying! It’s incredible what they can do and so much fun. If you want a more creative, out of the box mothers day gift for an earthy creative mom – this could be a great one!  There’s also a bundle for dying a baby onesie!  Fabric of Humanity is a great option for a company focused on ethics and organic, safe options in what they create and sell too.

Find the Starter Kit Bundle HERE

Package Free Shop GOTS Organic Cap

I love the package free shop, it’s one of the original zero waste shops in the US and is a female founded, pioneering online marketplace! These GOTS certified (organic!) caps are new to them in white and green and for $14.99 I think they’re a perfect gift for an eco conscious person!

Find it with the whole Package Free Shop Range HERE

Seed Savers Exchange  Heirloom Seeds: Budget friendly

Seeds make a really fun thoughtful gift and mothers day means it’s planting season! I’m really careful about the seeds I buy, and this is one of my top choices for the US being organic, open pollinated and open sourced and having a huge variety!  Seed Savers Exchange have gift bundles boxed up that make an easy gift.

Find them HERE

Fiddle Leaf Fig from The Sill

Much more sustainable than flowers, and it lives on and keeps cleaning the air and bringing joy for years. all things I value. The Fiddle Leaf Fig is a classic houseplant that needs watering every 1-2 weeks so it’s not a lot of upkeep for whoever you gift it to!

Find this 12″ fiddle leaf HERE and choose your pot (tip: sign up for their emails to save 15%)

Gua Sha Tool From Lanshin: Under $40

When I take the time for some self care – this is the little tool I pull out and I can’t recommend it enough. Follow @treatmentbylanshin on instagram for amazing little videos to follow – they relax me like nothing else!

Find it HERE

Temperature controlling Ember Mug

Keep coffee at your chosen temperature… all day! THE ideal gift for a mum on the go, busy mom, or mom of little kids who gets distracted and doesn’t get to drink a hot cup.  I was given this years ago and it’s the BEST gift! It sits on a little dock and you can set the temperature you want it to keep to.

Find it HERE or HERE on the Ember Amazon store

Plumping Hyaluronic Tinted Lip Balm – on sale 15% off

Skincare meets makeup, in a vegan, heavy metal tested, EWG verified luxe lip balm. Multitasking products are very “in” right now and this is one of those – plumping, hydrating, brings some colour, keeps lips healthy, it’s fab. This one has helped my lips through the winter when they’re chronically dry and I find it hard to wear colour on them. This really has helped keep them hydrated and the colour (Bitten is my fave) is subtle but so pretty. This would make a great little gift!

Female founded. B corp. Find it HERE, shop the whole brand and use CLEANFORALL20 for 20% off your first order

ABLE Customizable Wristlet + Nashville Tote

I’ve gifted personalised leather from ABLE many times and I think it makes a beautiful, meaningful gift. Not just leather but leather pieces that create jobs for people who often lack opportunity, being paid a living wage with benefits and an empowering culture. This month Nashville based ABLE brought out a “Nashville” tote with 100% of the profits going to the Caring for Covenant fund. This would be a beautiful gift for someone who wants to get a gift that does something for others too.

Find the customizable wristlet here and the Nasvhille tote here

For the new (or any) mom: Beautycounter Organic Alcohol Hand Sanitizer + Serum

This is a hand sanitizer meets beautiful hand serum with niacinamide in a beautiful glass bottle and a gentle orange scent. The alcohol comes from organic sugar and it’s very gentle on hands but still an effective hand sanitizer. I think it’s a beautiful gift for a new mom to hand on hand, or for someone who travels and wants a gorgeous hand serum while keeping hands clean!

Find the hand sanitizer for 50% off $17.50 HERE

Rothy’s Recycled Plastic Shoes 

This would make a stunning gift! Timeless classic shoes made from recycled plastic bottles, pulled from within 30 miles of coastlines. All ethically made and thoughtful in every step – the sole are eco friendly rubber and the shipping is all carbon neutral by offsetting, and used biodegradable paper and a ribbon of recycled materials. I was so impressed and happy opening the box. They now have a recycling program too to keep all shoes out of landfill. This still is my favourite and you can get $20 off with the link below.

Find them all HERE with $20 off

Onxy Coffee: Under $20

A coffee brand thinking about everything from growers to fuel use to packaging, and also delicious and beautiful. A great gift for a conscious coffee lover. The entire roastery and production area are off grid operating fully on solar powered energy – part of making it a carbon neutral roastery. Then transparency, each coffee is accompanied by its pricing and trade data. So you can see what was paid for it, who it was bought from, and other details. And the prettiest packaging for gifting, right? 

Order it HERE

Evolve Gold Bio-Retinol Mask: 25% off sitewide

Evolve is my UK go to for skincare but you can get it via Credo in the US and Bio-Retinol is a favourite ingredient! This gold mask is so great for maturing skin and such a fun one to gift! It really is gold on your face, with huge skincare benefits.

Find it HERE via Credo Beauty (also a great spot to browse cleaner beauty for gifting!)

ABLE Customizable ‘mama’ Necklace

14k filled gold, with up to 5 letters you can choose on the bar. So ‘mama’ ‘mom’ ‘gigi’ ‘nana’ ‘loved’ or a set of initials are all options. And like all ABLE jewellery, all made by hand in Nashville, TN.

ABLE make really affordable customizable jewellery I own and love!

Ethical. Women driven. Social good. Find them HERE! 

For the mom who wants grandkid photos: Artifact Uprising

We’ve gifted little desk photos from AU (or the calendar at holidays) and it’s a much loved gift that our family now asks for! It’s printed on FSC paper and clips on a reclaimed wood board with a magnet for the fridge.

Find it and customise your own here

PACT Pajamas

I first tried PACT when they were way cheaper! But they’re now priced how they probably should be and are so worth the spend. Fairtrade and organic and one of my go to ethical, eco friendly bands. There’s another pajama brand I see people share a ton that I have tried (and it is wonderful) BUT there is no effort towards ethics, transparency in production or any kind of eco attention and that’s not the way I want to shop or gift! 

I’ve lived in PACT pajamas and underwear for years and they are so soft and wonderful WITH the knowledge they’re actually doing good.

Get 20% off your first PACT order HERE

Plan well, keep it simple, do what you can!

Don’t be overwhelmed. Make a list, plan your budget, work out what budget you can allocate to gifts and divide it up roughly between the gifts you need to buy, the stockings, the friends and family and work out how much your’e working with in each area. Look out for sales and shop for people when you see the right things, then check them off.

Go second hand where you can for earth and budget. Or invest in well made and sourced options like the ones above!

Some helpful spots to browse and check off multiple great gifts with one cart:

They all have a range of beautiful gifts for various people you need to shop for, and everything on their site is produced with the values of caring for people and planet which just makes shopping easier! Happy browsing!

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